Try Something New Challenge #TSNChallenge

Bored of your life? Try something new today then!

Haha the idea sprouted months ago but since I’m quite hype about the new year still so…. Well, I went to a copywriting class last few months provided by Training Academic for Professionals (TAP), a professional training arm of IACT College. One of the biggest takeaways for me is putting on a creative cap when I think. My trainer Mei Choo Yim from People ‘N Rich assured us that creativity is a practice, and she suggested the following practices that fuel creativity:

  1. Be Curious about everything – never satisfy with a “yes” or “no”. Ask “why” and “why not”? Always be opened to new ideas and new ways of doing things
  2. Be an observer of life – expand your social life. Know the world and how it functions. Learn to do things differently (yet remain relevant)!
  3. Do something that scares you everyday – Don’t stay comfortable! Growth requires doing something that makes you uncomfortable!
  4. Learn to connect the dots – Creativity comes by linking different ideas together and come out with something new!
  5. Shed blood, sweat and tears for it! – It’s not going to be an easy process! Work hard on it and persist until your skill is perfected!

So, in order to train myself to be more creative, I decided to try something new every day this year. They can be ANYTHING, for example: Talk to someone whom I’ve not talked to, try a food that I’ve never tried, do a sport I’ve never done, go to places I’ve never been or simply try something new… And then I thought, why not take it further by encouraging others to do the same since creativity is needed EVERYWHERE?

So the idea is very simple: Try something new! You can decide whether it’s a one-time-off kind of thing, or for a week, a month, 90 days, you name it! Post it on your social media platforms, hashtag #TSNChallenge and tag a friend and challenge your friend to do the same. Let’s see how doing so change our lives 😉 Have fun!

Here’s what I posted on my Instagram and FB today for my 1/365 #TSNChallenge


p/s: If you really need ideas, you can refer to the suggestions from the following websites:

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